Elizabeth Holmes Verdict : Guilty On 4 Counts Of Fraud

Elizabeth Holmes Verdict : Guilty On 4 Counts Of Fraud Elizabeth Holmes is a poignant reminder to us that many criminals are often surrounded by a community of enablers. 

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Theranos had a board, it had a management team. Elizabeth had a family, friends, social network, and mentors. There were state and federal regulators. How did she manage to perpetuate the fraud that is Theranos for so long?

Moreover, she didn’t fake lab results herself. She didn’t reverse engineer/use competitor products while touting proprietary technology by herself. Furthermore, she didn’t secure expansive partnerships by herself. She didn’t raise close to a billion dollars over several years by herself. She needed allies and she found them. Even with lives in jeopardy – everyday people treating illnesses they didn’t have and taking medication they didn’t need due to wrong diagnosis using her technology; she found people willing to look away and let her perpetuate her lies.

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Elizabeth Holmes should serve as a lesson to every employee, supplier, mentor, senior executive, friend, sibling, parent. You have a responsibility to uphold ethical practices and good governance wherever you find yourself.  You have a responsibility to expect and demand the same. If you see something wrong, dangerous, unethical, scandalous, unfair, please speak up, escalate, mediate, plead; do something! What is never okay is to keep quiet. 

It’s a new year and a good time to evaluate your relationships, your environment and how they intersect with your values. Life is too short for your entire existence to revolve around you and what you stand to gain or lose. We are at that point in time where espousing and committing to the greater good is an act of self preservation.

In summary my charge to you is simple: make it difficult for evil to thrive in your presence. Be your brother’s keeper. Do your part to make the world a better, safer and more equitable place for those of us here and those who come after.

Elizabeth Holmes Verdict : Guilty On 4 Counts Of Fraud