Ehsan Bokhari Cubs Assistant General Manager Interview

Ehsan Bokhari Cubs Assistant General Manager

Ehsan Bokhari Cubs Assistant General Manager Interview The Chicago Cubs are one of the most storied franchises in the history of baseball and sports in America. The iconic Wrigley Field is one that ever little boy in America is acquainted with at a young age.

Recently the Chicago Cubs announced that the super brilliant Dr. Ehsan Bokhari would be the Cubs new Assistant General Manager.

Dr. Bokhari brings with him to Chicago a data science approach to baseball that takes the approach popularized in Michael Lewis’ book titled Moneyball. Which also became a major motion picture starring Brad Pitt. But Dr. Bokhari is putting some real math and technology behind the statistical approach to picking the next great player.

Dr. Bokhari previously worked at the Los Angeles Dodgers where he ran research. Furthermore, Dr. Bokhari took a high ranking position with the world series champion Houston Astros. However, landing a job in Chicago for such an iconic franchise was always Dr. Bokhari’s dream.

Houston Astros Senior Director of Player Evaluation & Director of Research Dr. Ehsan Bokhari Opens Up

We will have high expectations for the Chicago Cubs now that they have landed themselves such a brilliant scientist. Lastly, and in a game of numbers clearly a combination of data science and math is the premier approach to winning!