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Dr. Paul Burchard Head Of R&D Goldman Sachs & Dr. Ruchir Puri Chief Scientist IBM Research On The Future of Machine Learning

Dr. Paul Burchard Head Of R&D Goldman Sachs & Dr. Ruchir Puri Chief Scientist IBM Research On The Future of Machine Learning

10.05 – PANEL DISCUSSIONFuture of Machine Learning

Moderator:  Bill Janeway, Fmr Vice Chair, Warburg Pincus

Dr. Ruchir Puri, Chief Scientist, IBM Research, Peng Cheng, Head of Machine Learning Strategies, JPMorgan, Yu Yu, Director of Data Science at BlackRock, Dr. Paul Burchard, Head Of R&D Goldman Sachs

Cornell Financial Engineering Manhattan 2022 Future of Finance Conference
Cornell Financial Engineering Manhattan’s 2022 Future Of Finance Conference Speaker Profile: Dr. Paul Burchard Head of R&D Goldman Sachs

Paul Burchard is a Managing Director and Head of Research & Development for Goldman Sachs.

He focuses on the conception and development of creative mathematical ideas that advance leading-edge areas of technology and finance, Paul also designs and develops software to implement those ideas.

Prior to Goldman Sachs, at the University of California Paul invented algorithms for the manufacture of integrated circuits with features smaller than the wavelength of light used to illuminate the lithographic masks. One conceptual advance was to show that the wavelength of light doesn’t actually limit the size of patterns that can be imaged, if we can have multiple exposures. When the desired pattern is smaller than the wavelength. The mask does not look like the pattern, but must instead become discovered by solving an inverse problem. To solve inverse problems efficiently, invented an algorithm for fast incremental convolution, based on the concept of fractal space-filling curves. This algorithm is as fundamental as the famous FFT, which allows fast convolution.

As a visiting Assistant Professor at UC Paul invented the correct equation for processing vector data with features; for example, removing noise from color images containing edges. This equation is known as “Color TV” and has many applications.

Prior, when Paul was at Princeton as a Research Fellow

He invented a more realistic notion of fuzzy string matching, and efficient algorithms for finding such matches. Standard fuzzy matching only allows for single-character differences. But both human-generated text and biological genes evolve by large block operations as well.

Lastly, Paul received his Doctorate in Mathematics from the University of Chicago & received his AB in Math & Physics from Washington University in St. Louis.

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Ruchir Puri is CTO and chief architect of IBM Watson, an IBM Fellow and currently Chief Scientist of IBM Research. He is a Fellow of the IEEE, a member of IBM Academy of Technology and IBM Master Inventor, an ACM Distinguished Speaker and IEEE Distinguished Lecturer. Ruchir received Semiconductor Research Corporation‘s outstanding mentor award.

Ruchir was a visiting scientist at the Dept. of Computer Science, Stanford University, CA, and an adjunct professor at the Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Columbia University, NY and was awarded John Von-Neumann Chair at Institute of Discrete Mathematics at Bonn University, Germany. Furthermore, Ruchir received the 2014 Asian American Engineer of the Year Award. Moreover, he has delivered numerous keynotes and invited talks at major software and hardware conferences. He is an inventor of over 50 United States patents and has authored over 100 publications as well as authored a book on Analyzing Analytics. Lastly, Ruchir is an active proponent of technology among school children and has been evangelizing fun with electronics and FIRST LEGO League Robotics among middle schools children.

Dr. Puri

Selected awards and honors

  • IBM Fellow, 2012 
  • IEEE Fellow for “contributions to automated logical and physical design of electronic circuits”, 2007.
  • ACM Distinguished Speaker, 2006–present 
  • SRC – GRC Outstanding Mentor Award for contributions to academic research and student mentoring, 2008.
  • IEEE Circuits and Systems Distinguished Lecturer, 2010–2011.
  • Asian American Engineer of the Year Award, 2014.
  • Best of IBM Award, 2011, 2012.
  • IBM Master Inventor, 2009.
  • Elected to IBM Academy of Technology, 2009.
  • John-Von-Neumann Chair at the Research Institute of Discrete and Applied Mathematics, Bonn University, Germany, 2011.

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Dr. Paul Burchard Head Of R&D Goldman Sachs & Dr. Ruchir Puri Chief Scientist IBM Research On The Future of Machine Learning