Does Volkswagen have an electric car?

Does Volkswagen have an electric car?

Don’t you just love a bit of disruptive innovation. Sometimes even the disruptors get disrupted. Which makes it even more exciting for investors.

VW is releasing two versions of its new EV: the entry-level ID 5, and the more premium ID 5 GTX, with dual electric motors on both the front and rear axle.

Take this infographic from Chartr for instance. It says #VW is about 12-15 months behind #Tesla. I don’t know if this is true, but the story is great.

Moreover, what’s interesting is the speed at which VW have managed to gain traction in the electric vehicle market. It’s impressive. The company seems to be flexing its manufacturing prowess with electric vehicles.

Here’s a link to that chart in Chartr’s “Today’s Topics”, which you can subscribe to:
What I like about this chart is that it reminds me of another chart that Chartr has done. It’s the one where they show the growing subscriber base of Netflix versus Disney+. Lastly, it’s another great disruptor in the story.

It’s worth viewing:

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Does Volkswagen have an electric car?

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