Does the US have a military agreement with Ukraine?

Does the US have a military agreement with Ukraine? Ukraine’s president asked NATO to block the sky over Ukraine to prevent Russian airstrikes. Ignored!

In 1994, Ukraine signed the “Budapest Memorandum”, moreover registered with the UN Secretariat.

Strength of Russian Military

At that time, Ukraine had the 3rd largest arsenal of nuclear weapons in the world (after America and Russia).

The essence of the agreement is that Ukraine has renounced nuclear weapons, while the United States, Great Britain and Russia guarantee Ukraine’s security assurances.

And the fact that no one is fulfilling its obligations to protect Ukraine is a great political precedent for the world.

This shows other countries that such agreements do not make sense. If they are not respected. In addition, if other countries ignore the protection of Ukraine – will lead to the nuclear militarization of other countries.

Furthermore, there is information that about 40 fighter jets are preparing to attack Kyiv from the airports in Belarus.

Moreover, currently, if you do not know Ukrainian or Russian, you cannot get reliable information.

In conclusion, the fact that many Russians, like Putin, have imperial ambitions, that they are willing to live badly but instead fight in other countries and kill innocent people is not news. Lastly, if you know Russian and read social networks, it can seem quite obvious.

Fall of Afghanistan

Does the US have a military agreement with Ukraine?