Does the Aurora plane exist?

Does the Aurora plane exist?

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The SR-91 is a theoretical aircraft concept that has become widely discussed in aviation circles. However, it does not have an official history. As it has never become publicly acknowledged or confirmed by any government or aerospace company.

The SR-71 is one of the most famous spy planes ever developed!

The SR-91, believed to become a successor to the SR-71 Blackbird. A high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft operated by the United States Air Force from 1966 to 1998.

The SR-71 was capable of flying at speeds of over Mach 3 (approximately 2,300 mph) and altitudes of up to 85,000 feet, making it one of the fastest and highest-flying aircraft ever built.

Thus the SR-91 concept, rumored to become the greatest hypersonic reconnaissance aircraft ever. Moreover, capable of flying at speeds of up to Mach 6 (approximately 4,600 mph) and altitudes of up to 100,000 feet.

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In addition, also rumored to be capable of conducting both reconnaissance and strike missions.

SR 72 Blackbird : Son of SR 71

Despite the lack of official confirmation or information about the SR-91, the concept continues to generate interest and speculation in the aviation community. It is worth noting, however, that the development of such a high-performance aircraft would be extremely challenging and expensive, and it is unclear if any government or aerospace company is currently pursuing the technology necessary to build it.

Does the Aurora plane exist?