Do BMW X3 have problems?

Do BMW X3 have problems?

BMW X3 Interior

Do you want to have fun or do you want a reliable car to drive to work everyday?

After 1 year of ownership of a BMW X3. I find myself asking this question repeatedly.

Firstly, the automobile is a lot of fun to drive! Furthermore, my driveway includes Maserati, Mercedes, Land Rover, Jeep. So I am an extreme car snob. The BMW X3 corners like its on rails. I feel full control over the road.

However, the constant headaches this car presents challenge my sanity sometimes.

Also the car is also not the most comfortable. The seats BMW produced contained a plush racing feel. Now “plastic-esque” is the term that arises in my mind.

In addition, the wiring on the undercarriage isn’t well protected. I have issues with my coolant. Moreover, Battery. Engine.

I have to spend $1,000 on my “drive train”. What’s that?

None of my other cars require this upkeep. I don’t understand the endless stream of issues?

But, yes I do have a lot of fun driving the car. And yes, it handles very well.

Is the BMW X3 reliable?

In conclusion, the short answer is no!

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Do BMW X3 have problems?