Did the Marlins Fire Derek Jeter?

Did the Marlins Fire Derek Jeter? After awful performance for 4 consecutive years, did Bruce Sherman give Derek Jeter the axe?

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After a $1.3 billion purchase with incredible fanfare. Derek Jeter became CEO while his financial backer Bruce Sherman took to the background. However, Derek Jeter’s baseball management skills did not rival his baseball playing skills. Furthermore, why should a player have the talent to manage a club?

Moreover, actual baseball-playing ability is not the same thing as coaching, analysis or management. In addition, let’s not forget that the whole Moneyball movement’s genesis was an Economics student from Yale University. Not, a Frank Thomas or Ken Griffey Jr.

Will the Mets or Yankees pick Jeter up for their front office? If not simply for the cache of having Jeter in the building. But, unfortunately for Jeter that aura and cache is not what it was 5 years ago and certainly not what it was a decade ago.

Hopefully Jeter finds his place. In conclusion, he deserves as much after one of the finest careers in baseball. Perhaps its in the corporate world and not baseball as many other greats have considered.

Did the Marlins Fire Derek Jeter?

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