Denmark Ai : Denmark Has Embraced Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Denmark Ai : Denmark Has Embraced Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Denmark & Ai: To Be!

Denmark Has Embraced Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Denmark is a country known for its rich history.

Still officially a kingdom and closely associated with Hamlet, Hans Christian Andersen & medieval buildings that survived the massive German bombings of World War 2.

Now, Denmark is looking to a new future.

Denmark’s association with history has not held it back from wholeheartedly embracing Ai & Automation.

Denmark’s economy has already become quite specialized and advanced. In fact only 5% of current jobs have a serious potential for actual automation. Or the ability to automate more than 80% of the tasks. With such a skilled labor force, Denmark is already excelling at creating goods and services that require high amounts of education and know-how.

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But, with the 4th highest budget in the European Union for Social Spending, Denmark continually looks to modernize and embrace technology in their society and economy.

And there is still a great deal of work to be done to improve Denmark. An April 2017 McKinsey report states economic growth could improve by 1.4% per year and that 40% of Danish working hours could be automated by current technologies.

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So despite being quite an advanced economy, there is still much labor time spent on menial tasks that don’t require an advanced education. With the implementation of Ai systems, many of these tasks will be automated by robots in the coming years.

Since Denmark is working hard to fully cover their country with 5G network capabilities, the implementation of robots will come about more efficiently than many other countries who won’t have the network to support the growth of automation.

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Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital, houses the Danish Centre for Applied Artificial Intelligence (DCAKI), which opened in 2017, at the University of Copenhagen. This center could lead to Denmark becoming one of the leading AI countries in the world.

The nation has committed to training their people to have the skills in place, creating a strong network to support automation & to urge Danish businesses to focus on digital. It is hard to find another country so universally committed to Ai, Automation & Education.

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The Danish Centre For Applied Ai serves as a place where great minds can come together along with funding and research to help companies in Denmark with their AI pursuits. Students, scientists & entrepreneurs can rent workspaces, access expertise, and network with other AI companies.

Instead of committing massive funds to welfare and pensions as many countries do, Denmark is allocating tremendous capital to the education of their people. The center will therefore provide a space for innovation and exploration in the AI industry and be an environment that will foster great AI growth in Denmark for years to come.

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Written by Alexander Fleiss, Edited by Prthvi Srinivasan & Jack Vasquez