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Cybertruck Vs Rivian : An Off The Record Conversation With An Automotive Expert

Cybertruck Vs Rivian We interviewed one of the smartest autonomous driving experts in the field. Who requested anonymity, in case he wants to get a job at Tesla or Rivian in the future.

Here is how our conversation went:

Are you getting a Cybertruck?

Probably not. Mainly I am not a big truck person. 

Also, I would advise my friends and family against purchasing a Cybertruck at this juncture.

Moreover, we aren’t huge Tesla (& Elon fans). And I think that the Cybertruck is partially a scam and what does get released will be very different from what he teased on stage.

If my dad were to get a EV truck. And asked me which one to purchase, it would probably be the Rivian R1T.

If you get an EV for the family, my first choice would probably be an EV Porsche Macan when it comes out!


But, if its not out the Rivian SUV or Taycan EV. 
Not to hate too much on Tesla but In my opinion (which my colleagues mostly share) Tesla has a lot of problems they need to fix first.

The only advantages they do have over other EV manufacturers is range and the charging network.

However, range ultimately is not as important and the charge network problem will be solved eventually. 

Why do you call Cybertruck a scam?

Firstly, I think the R1T is a really cool car and would be my EV TRUCK of choice.

However, the only place where we would really utilize a truck to its full extent is in in Colorado or Montona. Not in an urban environment!

However no EV currently has the range to go from say Steamboat to Denver and back without stopping for a while to recharge. That is a major hurdle.

My issue with the cyber truck is that it is very much a concept car. I have no issue with that, my issue is that they have been advertising it as if it will be realeased in the exact same spec that they teased on stage. However a lot of components on the one on stage will not make it into production. Basically, I don’t like the false adveritsing that has gone behind it.

I also am not a fan at all of how Tesla has done their autopilot rollout. The autopilot rollout was definitely pretty awful. And aggressive on the verge of unethical behavior depending on who you ask! I think it really shows the ineptitude of NHTSA. Especially with ongoing videos coming out everyday of it doing extremely dangerous things as well as the fact it allows drivers to play video games on the screen while the car is in motion. 

Cybertruck owners will probably get something that looks similar. But is also very different and not as capable as originally advertised. We have already seen test mules that are much smaller and very redesigned.

Should we keep our Cybertruck reservation at the end of the day?

Yea. I wouldn’t say the Cybertruck is necessarily a bad truck out of the choice of EVs that will eventually be available. It is definitely one of the most eye-catching. What I will say is that I now many people who have gotten trucks and never used them for their intended purpose and have always been disappointed that they got it instead of an equivalent SUV etc. So without knowing anything about the usage you would need from your vehicle, I would recommend against  pickup unless you really need it and instead look at an SUV like the Rivian R1S (their SUV version). 

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Cybertruck Vs Rivian : An Off The Record Conversation