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Cybertruck Delayed

Cybertruck spotted. Credit: Tesla Livestream

Cybertruck Delayed This week Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk broke the news to investors that unfortunately the immensely popular Cybertruck will be delayed until 2023. Moreover, this comes two years after it was originally promised. Of course, Tesla has had other production issues. Furthermore, the epic logistics and shipping bottlenecks around the world are slowing the availability of almost every part and raw good.

Tesla’s stock dropped on the general news of production delays, but all of the Cybertruck fans who deposits down with Tesla, were eagerly awaiting any news on the state of the truck’s release.

In addition, a critical Wall Street analyst said, “If there is no $25,000 vehicle being worked on. Is it really realistic to think that you can sell more than 3 million vehicles with two very high volume cars and Cybertruck in 2024?”

How will Elon answer these delays? Even if he had more physical manufacturing capacity would it matter if the raw goods, simply aren’t available, Henry Ford’s assembly line required parts for assembly.

Lastly, praise for self-driving:

“Management reiterated its optimism around [Full Self-Driving] deployments and views software as an important part of its future profit and value creation. While we remain guarded on how quickly the company can achieve full autonomy given the delays the industry broadly (including Tesla) has encountered historically on [fully autonomous vehicles], we believe that Tesla remains well positioned to be a leader in AVs in the long-term. Given the broad range of technology and resources it is devoting to this area (including custom hardware, software and tools). ”

Said Goldman Sach’s analyst.

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