Customer Focused Marketing

Prioritizing the Customer Relationship in eCommerce

Customer Focused Marketing As eCommerce becomes more prevalent, it’s important for brands not to forget that quality customer experiences drive business. It’s much easier to overlook the customer experience in the digital setting, but just because you aren’t interacting with them face-to-face doesn’t mean you should cut back on providing quality experiences. 

If anything, customer experiences are more important in eCommerce. It’s much harder to show customers that you appreciate them over the internet without that human connection, so your marketing efforts need to be even more consumer-focused to build relationships and retain your customers. 

Why Customer-Focused Marketing is Important

Customer relationships are essential. Businesses that provide a high-value incentive by prioritizing their customer relationships and experiences over turning a profit are more likely to earn a greater return on investment. Focusing on making money will certainly help you make money, but you will make more if you focus on your customer’s needs instead. 

Without your customers, you would go out of business. So it only makes sense that focusing on building customer relationships is the key to a higher revenue stream. Brands that provide a good product will likely still make money, but brands that provide a good product and quality customer experiences will have even more success. This is because consumers are more loyal to brands that appreciate them more than brands that are simply out to turn a profit. 

Tips for Prioritizing and Retaining Customers

When developing a marketing strategy, your customer’s wants and needs should be what drives your process. Who are your customers? What do they need? What makes them happy? How can you show them that you appreciate them? You should be asking these questions to provide the best customer experiences possible. 

The tips and strategies below can help you improve your marketing to build better relationships and prioritize customer experiences:

Use a CRM for Better Customer Experiences

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems are nothing new. Brands have been using them for years to store and analyze important customer information to help them provide better service and experiences. However, e-CRM systems are much newer, and not all businesses are taking advantage of them as they should. 

An e-CRM prioritizes online customer sales and experiences. It can help you analyze sales patterns and behaviors to better understand how your customers interact with your eCommerce platform. This is an essential tool that every brand should have if they want to improve eCommerce experiences. 

Automate Your Processes

Automated marketing content is known to improve customer retention and increase engagement more than any other type of marketing campaign. This is because automated content, such as email marketing, is typically set to go out at just the right time when customers are most active online. 

Leveraging the power of marketing automation helps you reach your customers when they are most likely to interact with your brand. Automation also allows you to free up time to focus on other more critical tasks to ensure everything is running smoothly, ensuring that your customers are happy and getting what they need. 

Track Metrics to Better Understand Customer Behaviors

If you don’t already have a quality data strategy, you should get one. Tracking metrics and analyzing data helps businesses better understand how their customers are interacting with their brands. Programs like Google Analytics and Customer Intelligence Platforms (CIPs), for example. Allow you to collect and analyze customer data and behaviors to provide more personalized content and experiences. 

Improve Your Website

Giving your website an upgrade is another great way to improve customer experiences. With eCommerce, your website is the primary point of contact between you and your customers, so it needs to be as accessible as possible. This means ensuring it is not only aesthetically pleasing but is easy to find and navigate as well. 

You should have an SEO strategy that allows customers to find you with Google. As well as optimized content that ensures customers can easily and quickly find and access what they need once they get to your site. If you have too many design elements, it can be distracting and slow your website down, which is frustrating. Focus on content that is pleasing but minimal and easy to navigate.  


To build better customer relationships, it helps to see them as a part of your brand rather than a means to an end. Everything you do should be about providing the best service and experiences possible. Just as you allow for internal communication and feedback within your company. Moreover, to improve employee experiences and productivity, you should also allow for open communication with your customers. 

Providing easy ways for your customers to give feedback allows you to listen to them. And make adjustments to better meet their needs. This is especially important in the eCommerce setting as often customers can feel unseen and unheard. When they are constantly interacting with your brand through a screen. But if you provide personalized content and experiences and listen to your customers. Lastly, you will have greater success and a loyal customer following.

Customer Focused Marketing

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