Crowdsourced Video Game Cyberattacks Russia

Crowdsourced Video Game Cyberattacks Russia

A Ukrainian group of software engineers created a game to attack Russia. 

Is Putin Losing the War in Ukraine?

Based in the western portion of Ukraine in the city Lviv, the software engineers’ game “Play for Ukraine” crowdsources in addition gamifies participation in Dedicated Denial of Service (DDOS) cyberattacks against pro-Kremlin/Putin-friendly Russian government and media websites.

Based on the well liked numerical puzzle game entitled “2048.” The design is configured so that each player move helps in a DDOS attack on a targeted Russian web server. 

Moreover, launched on February 28, the game boasts over 2,000 individual players.

According to one of the developers’ Twitter accounts. Over 200 Russian websites recorded attacks from the game as of March 15th.

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Crowdsourced Video Game Cyberattacks Russia