CRISPR-CAS9 Gene Editing

CRISPR-CAS9 Gene Editing

CRISPR-CAS9 Gene Editing Have you heard of CRISPR-CAS9?

Nobel Chemistry Award in 2020. Apparently with this technology, we may be editing genes as easily as coding with python in no time should the research be allowed to continue. 

This is crazy! Moreover, HIV, cancer, genetic diseases would be easily treatable. In addition, clinical trials showed major success in deleting HIV viruses from rats. Already begun trials to treat lung cancer patients. 3 years ago the first genetically edited babies were born in China thanks to an illegal experiment by a crazy but smart scientist who is currently serving time in jail. This is crazy since this technology came out in 2014! 

Anyway, we just wanted to share this astonishing finding with you and think you would be as shook as I was if you had never heard of this technology. Furthermore, our lives would never be the same if this research is to continue. 

In conclusion we wonder what amazing fetes will be discovered via this research. Moreover, the technology that will CRISPR scientists are developing will inspire future work to arise.

CRISPR-CAS9 Gene Editing

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Lastly, if government invests more capital in overall gene research, science will take a quantum leap. Furthermore, our productivity as human beings could be enhanced and we will be more efficient beings. As a result of continued genetic engineering there maybe negative implications on the path of the human progression.

Will certain inherent strengths become weaknesses as other weaknesses become strengths?

In final conclusion, we will watch with excitement the development of CRISPR scientists and hope for the most beneficial outcome for the overall future of mankind.

“Live Long And Prosper” as our favorite philosopher said!