Could Omicron End The Pandemic?

Could Omicron End The Pandemic? Everyone is likely to get Omicron as there is little chance to avoid it. We all will have a date with Omicron!

So here’s what we should know:

1- Omicron stays in the upper airways. Throat. Nose. It rarely goes to the lungs or causes pneumonia, especially if you have been vaccinated. No sepsis. No clots. That’s great news.

2- You can get Omicron even if you are vaccinated. Even if you had Covid before. The mask does almost nothing for Omicron. It’s so infectious. But, almost nobody gets hospitalized unless you’ve had no vaccination.

3- Omicron in hospitalized children is usually incidental. They have a broken arm or appendicitis and they happen to have Omicron. Great news.

4- Omicron is just like the seasonal cold. We have had 4 coronaviruses that can cause the common cold and now we have 5. No big deal.
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5- I highly encourage vaccines and boosters for everyone who is at high risk such as older people or those with medical problems. I don’t see vaccines necessary for normal children- they are at low risk and half have no symptoms with Omicron.

6- We are getting to 2,000,000 cases per day in the USA. If you get it, don’t panic. Most young people should do nothing or may take Vitamin D3 10000, Zinc 50, C 3000 for ten days. Talk to your doctor about treatment but I’m not prescribing anything for most patients. Regeneron does not work and is not available for Omicron.

7- If you are elderly or complicated medically, you should go to the ER if you have severe chest pain or shortness of breath, but if you are vaccinated and boosted, you’ll be fine and stay put. Just call your doctor for advice.

8- Vaccines are safe for those who need them- older adults and high risk people of all ages, including smokers, vapers, and those who are obese as well as all people with decreased immunity from chronic disease.

9- Again, don’t be scared. Viral infections are usual for this season.

10- Please: No shut downs. Don’t close schools. Almost everyone will get Omicron sooner or later no matter what may be a government’s policy.

In the end, Omicron is mild for normal children and vaccinated adults and its spread may create a herd immunity that might end the pandemic.

Yes, it will be endemic like the common cold.

Stay positive. Eat healthy. Be in the sun or take your Vitamin D. Get lots of sleep. Walk often. Laugh & dance. Stop letting them scare you. We have a few more weeks to go and then the worst is behind us.

Could Omicron End The Pandemic?

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