Corporate Catering Trends in 2023


Corporate Catering Trends in 2023

Corporate catering is the business of providing food for employees of a company. This might be done every day or just once for a very lengthy meeting or training session. While some businesses are restaurants that provide catering services, others are corporate catering specialists.

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted the corporate catering industry, resulting in several changes in trends. Here are some of the corporate catering trends post-COVID:

Health and Safety Measures 

Health and safety precautions are a key issue for corporate catering because the pandemic is still going on. This includes providing meals that are individually wrapped, assuring contactless delivery, and enforcing stringent cleanliness guidelines.

More Flexibility 

Many businesses are implementing a hybrid work style where workers can work both from home and in the office. Catering companies now offer a variety of food alternatives that may be delivered to both office and remote sites, giving corporate catering more flexibility. Food truck catering has been a popular option for accommodating smaller office populations and remote neighborhoods alike.

Healthier Food Options

The pandemic has also led to a greater focus on health and wellness, resulting in more demand for healthier food options. Corporate caterers are offering menus that include healthier meal options such as plant-based, gluten-free, and low-carb meals.


As a result of the pandemic’s impact on the global supply chain and the ongoing research into food and plastic waste, there is now a greater emphasis on sustainability, and many corporate caterers are adopting eco-friendly packaging and locally produced ingredients.


Online ordering platforms and mobile apps are being used by traditional catering services to make the ordering and delivery procedure more effective and simple for their customers, and this trend is continuing in the corporate catering industry.


Corporate caterers are also offering more personalized meal options, with clients able to customize their meals according to their dietary requirements and preferences. Some companies are even choosing to brand a local food truck with their logos for a day or more as a way of rounding out the theme of employee appreciation events!

Overall, the corporate catering industry is adapting to the changing needs of businesses and employees in the post-COVID world, with a greater emphasis on health, safety, flexibility, and sustainability.

The History of Corporate Catering

Corporate catering has a long history that dates back to the early 19th century. In those days, corporate catering was limited to special events such as business meetings and conferences, and the food served was typically simple fare like sandwiches, cakes, and tea.

As businesses grew and began to host larger events, the demand for more elaborate catering options grew as well. By the mid-20th century, corporate catering had become a significant industry, with caterers offering a range of menu options and services for business events and functions.

In the 1970s and 1980s, corporate catering saw significant growth due to the rise of the corporate culture and the increasing number of business events and meetings. During this period, caterers started to offer more sophisticated menus that featured a range of international cuisine.

The 1990s saw further growth in the corporate catering industry, with the emergence of event management companies that offered a complete package of services, including catering, decor, and entertainment. New styles of catering formed with the growing popularity of food trucks and mobile kitchens, offering a fresh take on corporate catering.

Today, corporate catering is a well-established industry, with caterers offering a range of menu options and services to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. The industry has evolved to include healthier food options, eco-friendly packaging, and technology-driven services such as online ordering and delivery tracking.

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