Congrats to my baby girl, CU Buffs here we come

Congrats to my baby girl, CU Buffs here we come

Colorado’s first Football Team in 1890.

On the brink of recession_ Can Bitcoin survive its first global economic crisis – didn’t I get it backward – was I supposed to short BTC as my inflation hedge

FirstFT_ Powell warns recession ‘a possibility’ – welcome aboard genius

Bridgewater’s bearish bets on European stocks jump to $10.5 bln – no brainer historically – US almost always outperforms with lower vol, but last 10 years US really crushed EU, but then again recessions and socialism is real bad combo

Oil falls as investors eye recession risks – my favorite line, Fed wasn’t trying to engineer a recession, like saying that jumps off a 40 story building wasn’t trying to engineer his death

Investors crank up bets on BoJ surrendering yield curve controls – they love their Zero’s, I wouldn’t doubt they eventually relent, but I wouldn’t bet against them either

Is a ‘Hedge Fund-Lite’ Right for You_- it’s kind of like Light Beer – if you have no other choice, well um, drink water

Congrats to my baby girl, CU Buffs here we come

Today’s News Compiled by KEVIN GAHWYLER

Kevin Gahwyler has over 28 years of experience in the hedge fund industry in various investment and C-Suite roles. Mr. Gahwyler is currently a Managing Director and Head of Business Development at Meteora Capital, LLC. A SPAC specialist that invests in the entire SPAC ecosphere through both closed-end funds as well as a hedge fund. Prior to joining the firm, Mr. Gahwyler was the COO and Director of Business Development of Measure 8 Ventures Management, LLC. In addition, before Measure 8, he was the President/CFO of Navy Capital Management, LLC. And Chief Operating Officer/Director of Business Development of Twin Securities, Inc. Kevin was also the founder of KenCole Capital. An investment bank boutique specializing in hedge fund structures and marketing and served in senior marketing roles at both Pequot Capital and Sagamore Hill.

Lastly, Kevin graduated from Fairfield University with a B.S. in Biological Sciences. In addition, from Thunderbird School of Global Management with a Masters in International Management.

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