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Nagoya Institute of Technology

Nagoya Institute of Technology

Established in 1905 as Nagoya Higher Technical School, the institution known today as the Nagoya Institute of Technology (NITech) stands as a beacon of science and technology education in Nagoya, Japan. The institute underwent several transformations, initially becoming Nagoya College of Technology in 1944, and later merging with the Aichi Prefectural College of Technology in 1949 under Japan’s new educational system, finally emerging as the Nagoya Institute of Technology. In 2004, it evolved into the National University Corporation Nagoya Institute of Technology, marking another milestone in its storied history.

NITech boasts a comprehensive array of academic offerings within its Faculty of Engineering, including specializations in Life Science and Applied Chemistry, Physical Science and Engineering, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, and Architecture, Civil Engineering, and Industrial Management Engineering. The Creative Engineering Program further enhances its diverse curriculum.

The Graduate School of Engineering mirrors these departments and introduces an advanced focus in Nanopharmaceutical Sciences. Additionally, NITech offers a unique Joint Degree Doctoral Program in Informatics in collaboration with the University of Wollongong.

NITech is not just about academics; it is a hub for cutting-edge research. The institute houses numerous educational research centers like the Center for Research on Assistive Technology, OptoBioTechnology Research Center, Advanced Ceramics Research Center, and several others focusing on nano devices, advanced manufacturing, and biomedical physics.

Alumni of NITech have made significant contributions across various fields. Noteworthy among them are Takayuki Ito and Ken, along with Taiichi Ohno, known for his pioneering work in manufacturing.

In terms of academic excellence, NITech stands out prominently. In a 2006 survey by Weekly Diamond, the university ranked 14th out of 744 Japanese universities for producing graduates who hold key leadership positions, such as president and CEO of listed companies.

Living in Nagoya as a student at NITech is an experience marked by a blend of tradition and modernity. The cost of living in Nagoya, while variable, is generally considered moderate compared to Tokyo. Housing options range from university dormitories to private apartments, with monthly rents varying based on location and amenities. Daily expenses, including food, transportation, and entertainment, are in line with what one might expect in a major Japanese city. Students often find that careful budgeting and exploring cost-saving options like student discounts can make living in Nagoya both affordable and enjoyable.

In conclusion, NITech offers a rich academic and research environment, complemented by the vibrant, culturally rich setting of Nagoya. The institute’s legacy in technological education and research, combined with the city’s moderate cost of living, makes it an attractive destination for students from around the world.



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