CNN Experiences Amazing Declines In Viewership

CNN Experiences Amazing Declines In Viewership CNN averaged a per day total of 2.7 million viewers from the period of January 4th to January 10th, last year. CNN at the time was experiencing solid political interest from US viewership. As a result of the recent presidential election between Biden and Trump. But, unfortunately for CNN. The network is now experiencing a crash in total viewership. Furthermore, a crash that no market analysts had forecast. CNN’s total viewership dropped to only 548,000 average viewers per day last week. An absolutely stunning reversal that resulted in a year-over-year drop of 80% of its total n 2021 audience. 

Will 2022 be the year of doom for CNN? Or is this a brief lull in a viewership base that is bored of politics. Furthermore, this could just be a an extreme low American political interest?

As you can tell from trhe above chart of CNN viewers in 2017, the network has a history of high volatility in its viewership base. Moreover, viewers who use CNN to “check in” on various events or happenings, from a major oil spill to a political election.

Or is this just more of streaming taking away cable viewers, and just another manifestation of the death of broadcast television?

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CNN Experiences Amazing Declines In Viewership

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