China’s New Autonomous Drone : Fighter Or Bomber?

China’s New Autonomous Drone : Fighter Or Bomber?

China’s New Autonomous Drone : Fighter Or Bomber? The UAV looks like a first draft of an unmanned fighter.

Could it be a bomber?

Potentially yes also, but more likely the first iteration of a fighter plane. 

UAVs typically are designed to watch an area for a while and conduct a precision strike if needed. Furthermore, that looks like an automated tip of a very long spear.

Built by China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation’s Cai Hong (Rainbow) 6, better known as the CH-6. In addition, the CH-6 is a large, high-altitude, high-speed, long-endurance, multi-purpose unmanned aircraft system.

It is being exhibited from September 28 to October 3, during China’s gigantic international airshow in Zhuhai city. Which is located in south China’s Guangdong Province.

Moreover, according to, the CH-6 has a maximum takeoff weight of 7.8 tons, a maximum load capacity of 300 kg (reconnaissance type) or 2 tons (reconnaissance-attack type), and fuel capacity of 3.42 tons (reconnaissance type) or 1.72 tons (reconnaissance-attack type). 

Furthermore, the combat drone has an overall length of 15 meters, the height of 5 meters, and a wingspan of 20.5 meters.

In addition the CH-6 UAV apparently can achieve a maximum level flight speed of 800 km/h (500 mph), cruise speed of 500 km/h to 700 km/h (310-435 mph), cruise altitude of 10 km (6 miles), the ceiling of 12 km (7.4 miles), a maximum endurance of 20 hours (reconnaissance type) or 8 hours (reconnaissance-attack type), a maximum range of 12,000 km (7,456 miles) (reconnaissance type) or 4,500 km (2,796 miles) (reconnaissance-attack type), a maximum climb rate of 20 m/s, and an operating radius (apparent) of 300 km (186 miles).

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China’s New Autonomous Drone : Fighter Or Bomber?