Cheyenne Mountain Complex Bunker Fort : In Pictures

Cheyenne Mountain Complex Bunker Fort : In Pictures

Cheyenne Mountain

The Cheyenne Mountain Bunker Fort acts as a Space Force installation and defensive bunker located in El Paso County, Colorado, near Colorado Springs.

Moreover, the “war room” of the NORAD/CONAD Combined Operations Center at the Chidlaw Building in Colorado Springs took over operations in 1963 from the nearby Ent Air Force Base command center. Moreover, eventually designated the “Combat Operations Center”. Furthermore, the air defense command center operations were superceded by Cheyenne Mountain’s full operational capability on July 1, 1966 (NORAD and other headquarters remained at the Chidlaw Building). 
Cheyenne Mountain NORAD entrance 1968

Formerly the center for the United States Space Command and NORAD.

Cheyenne Mountain Const – tunnel reinforcement and pipes

The Complex monitored the air space of Canada and the United States.

An early NORAD radar controller.
The 25-ton North blast door is the main entrance to another blast door (background). Beyond which the side tunnel branches into access tunnels to the main chambers.

Searching for missiles, space systems, and foreign aircraft through its worldwide early-warning system.

The bunker’s Command Center received upgrades during 2003 and 2004 for $13 million.

However, since 2008, NORAD and the United States Space Command moved to Peterson Space Force Base.

The exterior North Portal protects the eastward tunnel opening. The south opening has a concrete abutment.

In addition, the complex, now re-designated as an air force station, finds its use as a crew training facility.

And lastly, as a back-up command center if need be.

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Cheyenne Mountain Complex Bunker Fort : In Pictures