ChatGPT & The Future of Data

ChatGPT & The Future of Data


May 12th, 2023
Philadelphia, Pa
Liberty Bell
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07.00 – Registration 

08.45 – Opening Address from the Chairs: Wharton Professor Amit Gandhi & Conference Host Rebellion Research CEO, Alexander Fleiss
08.50 – Opening Address: How ChatGPT will change everything?
9:35 – PANEL DISCUSSIONIs ChatGPT data science?
Moderator: Johns Hopkins Professor Jim Liew
10.20 – PANEL DISCUSSION: How does ChatGPT work towards data science?

11.05 – Break

11.15 – PANEL DISCUSSION: What data is used in ChatGPT?

12.00 – LUNCH

12.55 – PANEL DISCUSSION: What is ChatGPT best for?
1.40 – PANEL DISCUSSION: Ethics of ChatGPT & Data

Yale Law School’s Professor Logan Beirne & Yale Medical School’s Jennifer Miller

2.25 – Break

3:10 – PANEL DISCUSSION: What are the limitations of ChatGPT and what are the issues with ChatGPT?
3.55 – PANEL DISCUSSION: Can you use ChatGPT to analyze data?
4.30 – PANEL DISCUSSION: Will ChatGPT take data science jobs; is the data science field dying out?
5.05 – CONCLUDING KEYNOTE : Future of ChatGPT & Data Science

5.30 – Conference Concludes

Here ChatGPT is asked a common-sense question: Was Jimmy Wales killed in the Tiananmen Square protests? ChatGPT correctly answers “no”, but incorrectly gives Wales’ age at the time as 23 instead of 22.

ChatGPT & The Future of Data