Chart Maker : The Value Of The Y-Axis

Chart Maker : The Value Of The Y-Axis Which chart below is better at showing how the financial crisis of 2007–2008 affected the US economy?

“Charts should convey information and make a point. We make charts to illustrate ideas that have context beyond their x- and y-axes. Forcing the y-axis to start at zero can do just as much to obscure and confuse the point as the opposite.”

“Charts serve to illustrate ideas. If the price of a stock spiked upon news of an acquisition or plummeted on the rumor of a catastrophe, the chart should show a line that spikes or plummets.

A common complaint of this is that it gives the appearance of severity when none exists.

Firstly, this is why charts have scales. Blaming a chart’s creator for a reader who doesn’t look at clearly labeled axes is like blaming a supermarket for selling someone food he’s allergic to.”

In conclusion, it is clear that a chart maker must zero-in on the point her or she is trying to illustrate. Be sure to make sure severity or stress or rather good times are shown and conveyed in your work.

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