Artificial Intelligence in Italy with Deep Learning Italia Chairman Matteo Testi

Artificial Intelligence in Italy Deep Learning Italia is the biggest e-learning platform on Deep Learning area in the Italian language. Deep Learning¬†Italia offers workshops in the Italian language with a focus on Deep Learning and machine learning. Artificial Intelligence in Austria with the Chair of Ai Austria Conversation With Deep Learning God Yann LeCun Matteo […]

Causal Reasoning & Artificial intelligence

Causal reasoning is the process of finding the connection between cause and effect. It is a fundamental logic for a human’s thinking process and understanding of the world. Causal reasoning helped us gain superior intelligence and adopt an environment like no other species achieved. For example, when people observe trees catching on fire after hitting […]

The Future of Object Detection

Future of Object Detection : This paper elucidates object detection, one of the highly computational applications that has become possible in recent years. Although detecting objects in a given image or video frame has been around for years, it is becoming more widespread across a range of industries now more than ever before. Object detection […]