Agricultural Commodities & Coronavirus

The coronavirus outbreak has prompted many stores and restaurants across the country to effectively shut down, and less demand for produce has driven the prices of agricultural commodities to their lowest in a decade. Since the onset of coronavirus, the volatility of commodities has notably increased. The national lockdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic has […]

Harness the Power of Ai!

General David Petraeus, Global Commander in Afghanistan & CIA Director Gives Rebellion Research A Lesson on Leadership Cameron & Tyler Winklevoss Talk with Rebellion Research on Bitcoin’s Future Facebook’s Chief Ai Scientist & Deep Learning Godfather Courant Professor Yann LeCun Talks Ai With Rebellion Research Why Why choose Ai Machine Learning investing over human […]

Future of Chinese Stock Market with Dr. Jin (Jenny) Peng

Future of Chinese Stock Market Dr. Jin (Jenny) Peng is an Assistant Professor at John Carroll University, has a doctorate in finance from University of Connecticut and a Master’s Degree in Finance from Johns Hopkins University. Is BiliBili the Next YouTube? Has Alibaba Been Unfairly Punished? Nio, Xpeng & Tesla China’s New Stealth Fighter Jet: […]

The Battle of GameStop

The Battle of GameStop The GameStop GME stock battle between the ‘retail’ Reddit’s r/wallstreetbets buyers and hedge fund short-seller is bizarre. The total short positions of the hedge fund and others is a spectacular 150% of the floated stock. At the same time, the stock is up 300% since January due to a short-squeeze triggered […]

South Sea Stock Bubble : Hell Hath No Fury Like Defrauded Investors

South Sea Stock Bubble : In 1720, the South Sea Company Stock Bubble had popped and the British people found themselves retreating inward and looking for a scapegoat. Through the essays of Cato’s Letters, A Matter of Fact and the Origin of Commerce, we see that the collective was angry and confused at the series […]