Carnival Cruise Ship Overboard : The Recent Death Of A Carnival Passenger Raises Questions For The Entire Cruise Ship Industry

Carnival Cruise Ship Overboard Rescue workers have halted a search for a missing Carnival Cruise ship passenger. As a result of this passenger’s fall four days ago from a Carnival Cruise ship off Mexico. Now, an international search effort has commenced to find this passenger, in her early 20’s who fell off the ship early Saturday.

But, it is officially ending as hope has been abandoned. And now the fingers will point at the culprits, causes. In addition, we must call into question the overall safety of the cruise ship industry.

Woman Falls Overboard Carnival Cruise In Ensenada – YouTube

Are these railing that Carnival Cruise Lines use as high as they should be or rather just as high as they need to be to pass safety standards around the world?

Furthermore, how often have people fallen off cruise ships?

We saw an HBO show allude to a multi billion dollar cruise company not reporting passengers falling overboard. How much of that is true?

The British tabloid The Telegraph reported back in 2015 that the annual deaths for the passenger cruise line industry was above 200. A startling figure!

However, a trade journal for the industry stated the figure is far lower, closer to 15-20 people going overboard each year and they state that figure includes ferries in addition to luxury cruises.

Clearly, the industry trade journal will be biased on one end and the British tabloid biased on the end. So one would assume the real number is somewhere in the middle of 200 and 15. A very wide range, indeed.

According to the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), the world’s largest cruise industry trade organization, the number of cruise ship passengers has increased from 17.8 million in 2009 to 30 million in 2019. So, we must assume the overall number of drownings and deaths are increasing.

Carnival Cruise Ship Overboard Video : The Recent Death Of A Carnival Passenger Raises Questions For The Entire Cruise Ship Industry

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