Carbon Capture Trees : The World’s First Mechanical Tree?

Carbon Capture Trees : The World’s First Mechanical Tree? There is a new type of tree in town. Moreover, one that has the potential to help our environment at a much faster rate than any individual tree could possibly contribute.

Technically, it’s called a mechanical tree and it sucks CO2 out of the atmosphere 1000x faster than real ones, inside are 150 circular discs that fill up with air every 30-60 minutes to separate CO2. And store it away for reuse in small and large scale applications. Captured CO2 turns into minerals and stored in the concrete we build with, cutting up to 700 MEGATONS of CO2 annually. Furthermore, this is equal to 150 MILLION cars off the road every year. 

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This has been a production of the Carbon Collect Limited a division of Arizona State University.

The idea being of course that enough of these carbon capture devices could restore our planet to a more healthy environment. But carbon capture devices are not a new invention. These have been around since the 1970’s. And carbon capture devices have run into a variety of issues. Moreover, from cleaning and upkeep to disposal of the systems when they break down. However, this is a still a positive step forward.

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Carbon Capture Trees : The World’s First Mechanical Tree?