Can You Play Free Bingo Games Online And Win Real Money?

Can You Play Free Bingo Games Online And Win Real Money?

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Are Free Bingo Spins Available When Playing Online Bingo?


Bingo has been on the rise lately, and the thing about bingo is that it’s actually not about getting the bingos or rolling your number or even about playing bingo at all. I’m talking about online bingo. Where you’ll be surprised how much you can win on a regular basis betting on red. Now that online bingo is booming, the industry as a whole is becoming more prosperous. This means that traditional slow-rolling bingo payouts are moving into a thing of the past with new-age online bingo resembling online slots and casino games.

For good reason, in fact. Most of these casino sites or bingo sites are interrelated. Since the infrastructure and technology needed for running an online bingo site are very similar to running a casino site. It’s a no-brainer for most of these organizations.

Now that we’ve gotten all of that out of the way. What if I tell you now that just by playing the simple soothing game of bingo you can not only win big, but game bonus spins along the way? It’s true. Ask around and you’ll be surprised at how many people are making a regular, steady income cycling through loyalty rewards. Or free daily games and top-up bonuses!

Have I got your attention? Well, this article will show you how to do just that. And after you’ve read about how great online bingo is, you can compare free bingo sites here

Why do these sites give out free spins?

Well, for one, these bingo sites are terribly competitive. Think about every single listicle you’ve read, like “Best Sites for Online Bingo”. Have you noticed that when it comes to online gaming, the competition for the gamer’s attention is so intense. I mean, just by searching websites that end with bingo in their hyperlink. You’ll come out with a list so long you could wallpaper your house with it.

This is why a lot of these sites have to shave off margins. And make sure they sink as much money into marketing as possible to get their player base hooked. It’s a mutually beneficial system as if someone has paid a lot to get your attention. You’re the one with the bargaining chip. Bonus spins account for the best promotional and sign-up campaigns run by these sites. Who doesn’t love free money?

So how exactly do I claim my free bonus spins?

First of all, you shouldn’t rush to sign up on as many of these sites as you can. Making sure to take stock of what capital you have. Furthermore, what welcome bonuses you can hit will give you a head start in capital. 

What many outsiders don’t understand is often, the initial phase of playing on these online gaming sites consists mainly of levelling up and playing with money that’s free of charge!

So when people say that these websites are luring you in to stay by giving you money or play incentives. That’s absolutely right, and the trick is to not get hooked!

Jumpman Gaming

Jumpman Gaming is known for its incredible policy of bonus spins. Out of everyone in the iGaming field. There is no one as forward about pushing free stuff onto their most loyal players than Jumpman Gaming.

Jumpman Gaming, or JG, are the developers behind Barbados Bingo, Bingo Aliens, Bite Size Bingo, Charming Bingo. And many other bingo sites that have many varied and creative ways to spin slots for free. However, most of these come with a catch.

While seeing the chance to get up to 500 bonus spins just by depositing a certain amount of money might be enticing. Make sure to read the following caveat.

The part that’s too good to be true comes with a certain requirement; wagering requirements. The thing about JG is that they mainly target high rollers within the iGaming sphere. Which means that if you’re someone with a small monthly bankroll. You’re going to find that your playing habits don’t fit within the conditions needed. In fact, it’s a case of money making money. 

I suggest you make sure you have enough money and then really fully commit to earning those free wins. If you put in the money and the effort to research the events and promotions, you’ll come out on top.

Butlers Bingo

Well, even if Jumpman Gaming was known for having the greatest amounts of free spins for higher leverage players. It still can’t beat Butlers Bingo’s dedicated bonus spin room! The dedicated bingo room means that every day, from five pm up till midnight. You will have a chance to play not for money but simply for free bonus spins. 

This is a massively original that many other sites still haven’t copied, which is something rare to say about any aspect of iGaming. The thing is that if you call the house within the first 45 turns, you will still win the progressive jackpot, meaning there is still a way to make your money back. Why I recommend this to everyone is because you get a ton of bonus spins from bingo games.

Games targeted at giving you the greatest volume of free spins. 

The bonus spin slots all get distributed across different slots from the company Microgaming, which provides story-rich thematic slot experiences. The best part about having your prize spread out across a great large number of rolls. Means that you end up being less at the mercy of normal variance.


In conclusion, we’ve picked out two sites we think have really given us something special. In the flood of sites offering free spins for participating.

And with free spins, you really mainly should look for volume.

After all, some of these slots have so many lines. As a result, it just feels like you’re winning and losing just about as much. 

Lastly, he difference between getting a flat cash payout is that with bonus spins. Moreover, the possibility of winning it big is baked into the reward. And since free spins keep you on the website longer, so for both host and player, it’s a win-win.

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Can You Play Free Bingo Games Online And Win Real Money?