Can You Mine Bitcoin With A Tesla?

Can You Mine Bitcoin With A Tesla? Apparently you can since a Tesla is really just a computer with wheels. Apparently Siraj Raval in an interview with CNBC said his Tesla Model 3 mined bitcoin and ethereum. Furthermore, he would use the car for much of the day. So his Tesla was only minning the cryptocurrency 20 hours a day.

Raval told CNBC his earnings varied between $400 to $800 a month. Howeve, on the flip side an EV dealer told CNBC that mining crypto with a Tesla battery simply was not worth it.

Raval said that with his Tesla, he plugged an inverter into a power socket in his car. And then used it to power a computer that was running bitcoin-mining software.

Of course the warranty on his battery is now going to be worthless, which might make the scheme backfire at the end of the day. But Raval says,”It’s so simple to hack into this computer car.”

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Raval’s electricity bill are reportedly running at $30 to $60 a month for him to charge the battery.

Of course there are doubters of Raval’s claims. Many people believe you the actual returns from an hour of minning is much lower than Raval claims. Plus, a Tesla is a great car! So why put so much wear and tear on the computer?

In conclusion, surely you can mine a bitcoin with any computer, but why use your awesome car to do it?

Can You Mine Bitcoin With A Tesla?

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