Can online casino be rigged?

Can online casino be rigged? People who are new to the world of online casinos usually ask the question of whether online casinos cheat, particularly if they are unlucky and lose their first deposit at the casino. It is obvious that no one likes to lose, so it’s only natural when some players start questioning if the online casinos cheat, right after a defeat. Other people are just interested to know about it in general.

The best casino online canada know that a casino operator is only as good as the game it offers. So if the goodness of online gaming is compromised by hackers, there is a great risk of damaging and destroying the trustworthiness that the online gambling platform has created with its clients.

What is Online Gambling Fraud?

Gambling fraud uses cybercriminals to misuse or defraud an online casino with no direct involvement from the game itself. These frauds happen when fraudsters try to manipulate or exploit an internet gambling safeness for their monetary benefit. 

According to the expert, Michelle H. Thomas, to be one step ahead of the hackers, casinos, and game software developers in Canada invest in cyber security. Not only do they invest in the cyber shields, but they also commit to regular inspections of their gaming software for any kind of loopholes.

Most Common Types of Online Gambling Fraud

While fraudsters tirelessly come up with new innovative methods to manipulate the system, there are a number of expected attacks to observe and take preventive measures from:

Multiple account fraud is the foundation upon which many gambling invasions occur. Fraudsters create dozens or hundreds of accounts using fake details in order to incline the online balance towards themselves. For instance, they could use it for:

Bonus abuse: Whereby the multiple fake accounts get benefits from new signup bonuses, coupons, and other tempting offers. While these promos are a perfect way to tempt new players to play casino games, they can make your platform run at a loss in no time, if you give out multiple of them.

Gnoming: This refers to using numerous accounts to assist one player to win. The other accounts lose intentionally. So one can steal all the wins and rewards that go with it.

Chip dumping: This is a technique often at the poker table. Like with gnoming, the idea is to create numerous accounts to join the same table in order to trick the system and control the results in favor or against a respective player.

Know the Red Flags

1. Requesting Your Personal Data

Although online casinos make a tiny percentage of the amount, it is still worth noting down that fraud casino can rob your monetary data. Fraud gambling sites generally ask players to give excessive confidential data.

2. Delayed Winnings

Another online casino red flag is a delay in payments or entirely no payment. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to catch these casinos because most of them honor the payment of small wins. But when a player achieves a big score, the online casino may decline to pay, mentioning vague reasons.

3. Strange Software Providers

Recent years have seen the arrival of thousands of online casino software providers due to the increased game market and demand. But among genuine software developers, there are suppliers whose games are delivered in favor of fraud casinos.

4. Super-Low Return to Player or None at All

Fraud online casinos not only propose games from very little-known developers but also provide games with badly low RTP (Return to Player) rates. Be alert of casinos that offer RTP rates of less than 75%.

5. Unresponsive Client Service

Reaching fraud casinos is usually an impossible task. Generally, the best online casinos offer numerous 24*7 customer support strategies.


Gambling operators and online casinos do not have an effortless job when it comes to observing and stopping fraud. Since they effectively operate as digital wallets, they will run into multiple hazards and risk factors, which need refined tools to research and flag data.

However, like many other industries, executing even a basic resolution could be a very big advantage. For example, it will assist them to prevent loss of revenue from chargebacks, which can assist in increasing their bottom line.

Can online casino be rigged?