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Can Artificial Intelligence Improve Gaming?

Can Artificial Intelligence Improve Gaming?

Can Artificial Intelligence Improve Gaming? The online and physical gaming industry has been around for thousands of years.

Since the beginning of time it has been a question of luck and chance.

Historians have come across the earliest evidence of gambling in China. Where historians trace it back to ancient times, around 2300bc.

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Archaelogists unearthed tiles which appear to have been used as an early game of chance. When the Xia (1900-1600 B.C) and Shang (1600-1027 B.C.) dynasties thrived, games of chance took off to the forefront of society, and there they remain to this day.

So, if Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are the ultimate deciphers of unrelated data sets.

Wouldn’t the application of Artificial Intelligence to both sides of the gaming equation create more liquidity?
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Firstly, how are slot machines developed? 

Early slot machines were intricate feats of engineering that took many man-hours to complete. Moreover, not so disimilar from early Artificial Intelligence.

All the mechanisms that were used to create each spin and the drums that housed all the slot symbols were constructed by hand. Furthermore, when factory machinery became more sophisticated, special factories were opened. These factories made these gambling machines and this process speeded things up considerably.

During the 1960s the first electric-operated slots were introduced. Moreover, by the1970s and 1980s, modified television screens were incorporated in slots, and this was where all the slots action was played out on when punters spun these early versions of Microgaming slots. 

Universal Rules : Can Artificial Intelligence Adhere?

Even with modern slots. Certain rules have been put in place for many years that the machines must comly with. And these include that all slots must have reels with symbols on them, all games must come with a play button and all slots must have active pay lines to be able to function successfully as slot games. An ideal data set for the application of an artificial intelligence algorithm.

Random Number Generators : Artificial Intelligence Has Met Its Match?

Early slots did not contain Random Number Generators, these RNGs are a product of the computer age. Their inclusion in modern slot machines means that they are in charge of every spin result whether it is good, bad, or ugly. 

Random Number Generators are computer microchips. Engineers install the chips into the slot machines. The sole purpose is to constantly create number sequences, hence the name. The purpose of doing this is that each number is related to a symbol on the reels. And the generator influences the combination of symbols that land on the slot reel platform. After each spin is generated.

So, win, lose or draw, your luck is in the hands of this tiny microchip. This creates a very difficult data set for artificial intelligence. The artificial intelligence algorithm will have to look through such an extremely large set of numbers that is just too difficult for even the best deep learning artificial intelligence systems.

Other Slot Machine Elements 

These consist of computer graphic designers and animators and their job is to create a complete gaming experience by designing captivating visuals, that make slots more than just spinning reels. Digital artists bring the symbols to life whilst sound engineers create the sound effects that help enhance gameplay. These elements are of particular importance in online slot gaming. And this is because players only see the graphics and hear the sound effects. Here artificial intelligence can add to the creativity and depth of certain images. So artificial intelligence can add to the user’s experience.

Online Slots : The Future of Gaming

In conclusion, once slots went online in the mid-1990s, everything changed!

Virtual video slots require far more artwork. And an army of digital artists completes this task. Blockbusting online slot games with premium computer graphics and animated characters and sequences can take up to a year. A creative team for such a project can require bringing together 20 or more people. Furthermore it has a production of this size often needs project managers and regular production meetings. This is a tougher arena for artificial intelligence from the user side. However, the developers can and will implement artificial intelligence on their side as well.

The production commences once all the market researchers have finished. This is along with nailing the themes, concepts, and target audience of the game. Then it is down to the creative teams to design the characters, symbols, and all the other visuals. Once completed, computer programmers and software engineers make sure the mechanics of the slot are in working order. This is before the game can be tested and finally released. These engineers and programmers use the newest forms of machine learning artificial intelligence to create the most robust products.

Can Artificial Intelligence Improve Gaming?

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