Can AI Computers Write Essays Better Than You

Can AI Computers Write Essays Better Than You

The world we live in continues to change very fast, and we’re trying to keep up. Since the start of the digital age, we’ve seen a lot of changes in almost every scope and area of our life.  The emergence of artificial intelligence has added even more possibilities to your everyday life.

Although this technology was first crates as far back as 1955, it has evolved massively from that time till date. It is now a big trend in the world that we live in now and cuts across different industries. It’s almost impossible to escape artificial intelligence and the role that it plays in our lives now. We use it when we talk to Siri, Alexa for Amazon, self-driving cars, cyberdefense apps, and all types of smart technologies. Obviously, artificial intelligence is essential for us, but what role does it have to play in education?

When it comes to education as a whole, AI plays many roles that help improve accuracy and efficiency in grading research papers and essays. However, the question is, can AI write essays for students?

The short answer to this is YES! However, both the question and answer don’t have to be in the present. It could be futuristic, and if that’s the case, then it’s possible! A report by Cornell University in 2018 mentioned that by 2026, AI would have the ability to write essays at the high school level at least. Also, by 2049, it is expected to be able to write a novel that makes the list of best-selling novels. 

There’s no data yet for AI writing essays at the college level, but it is apparent that we are going to see this happen in time, even if it’s later than the high school level. All it takes is for AI to continue to learn at the same speed as the human brain does. It is a common guess that AI might be able to write college-levels says by 2030, though. This will be a cause of joy for many students who would need the essay help because they won’t have to stress themselves trying to write essays and struggling to meet up with the required word count. 

Natural language generation

The natural language generation is the technology that is used to create AI content. This technology is used in different sectors such as the medical industry, finance, business world, news station, and many other sectors. The technology allows AI to create a written content from the data that it gets to take metadata or an excel spreadsheet or other data forms and make them into content in plain language that almost everyone can read. AI usually gets a template for the desired writing style, which it produces in the data. It can create a financial report of 15 pages for banks and other institutions and create a summary for longer documents. 

AI is currently able to write poems. Many companies also use it to generate personalized emails. Also, an essay writing service could use AI tools meant for article generation, such as ArticleForge, to make quick drafts of students’ essays. However, the piece created is usually not high quality and would need some more copy editing to increase the quality of the essay. 

There is numerous AI technology in existence already. AI already writes news articles and business reports, so you would be forgiven for asking why AI platforms can write essays for students already. It seems like the technology to do it already exists and is available, but they are not using it. So why isn’t it in use already? The fact is that AI currently needs to work with a template or a program for it to run. The process is more similar to the cut and paste process rather than doing a project from scratch. 

AI already has some uses in school works and essay writing, except that it isn’t writing the essay yet. There are currently many schools using AI programs for checking plagiarism in their students’ essays. So it might be a problem for plagiarism checkers if you use a template to make AI write an essay. It is not sure yet how the plagiarism law applies to artificial intelligence, which is probably one reason why it is not prevalent to find content created with AI.  

It is essential for universities and high schools to measure what their students have learned and how much they know, not a computer or what a machine knows. Giving students essays to write is to test the students and see how much they know and learn. Grading essays written by students provide a fair assessment of the student’s abilities. When we have AI writing the essays for students, it becomes impossible to fully grasp how much the students have learned and how much awareness they have about the topic of discussion. Also, many benefits are in for students that were their essays. It helps to increase their research skills, critical thinking, and analytical skills, writing skills, etc. All of these benefits will be lost if AI starts to write essays for students.

However, students also have a lot to benefit from the use of artificial intelligence to write essays. It would do the work much faster and save them the stress and time to do it by themselves. AI would also be able to do in-depth research about the topic and make sure that the citations and facts are accurate. Students will certainly not be losing any points for their formatting and are more likely to get good grades. 


In the near future, we will be seeing artificial intelligence getting more involved in essay writing, especially if the current abilities and technology are anything to go by. One thing that needs to be discussed instead is whether it will be legal for AI to write students’ essays. Would there be school rules created to ban students from using AI to write their essays? If no such laws are created, then it is only a matter of a few years before students submit essays written by AI for grading. One thing is sure; it would be challenging for teachers to determine if a piece is written by their students or by a computer. If the essay written by AI can pass a plagiarism test, then it’s a fact that teachers will find it hard to discover whether or not their student wrote the essay. The only exception could be if a student is poor and the teacher knows their capacity and the kind of essay to expect from them; then the teacher can be suspicious. 

Can AI Computers Write Essays Better Than You

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Can AI Computers Write Essays Better Than You