Breaking News Headlines Today : May 7th

Breaking News Headlines Today : May 7th

1. Firstly, ever wonder why a Bayesian brain should have so much trouble understanding Bayes’ theorem? Furthermore, this preprint offers two complementary answers to this question.

2. DeepMind’s New AI Finally Enters The Real World!

3. Thirdly, this Two-Inch Diamond Disc Could Hold a Staggering Billion Blu-Ray’s Worth of Data…

4. World’s Smallest Gears Measure Mere Nanometers to Power Molecular Machines…/world-smallest-gears-molecular…/

5. “The Dream Chaser spaceplane, Tenacity, is taking shape and will be the first vehicle in our Dream Chaser fleet of orbital vehicles. As a result, making space more accessible one innovation at a time.”…/

6. Strong selection during the last millennium for African ancestry in the admixed population of Madagascar

7. You Can Now Ask Google to Remove Your Phone Number, in addition, Email or Address from Search Results…/you-can-now-ask-google…/

8. Postoperative cognitive dysfunction, moreover: “Cibelli listened as the woman described how her father, a former physics professor, had shown signs of significant cognitive decline after the initial operation. Once a keen chess player, he was now unable to play the game and struggled to even do basic crosswords…At the moment, estimates suggest that the overall incidence of POCD in older patients can be as high as 50-80% at discharge, 20-50% at six weeks and 10-30% at six months post-surgery.”…/the-hidden-long-term…

9. In conclusion, an experiment conducted on hybrid matter-antimatter atoms has defied researchers’ expectations.…/an-antimatter-experiment-shows…/ (archived version:

10. Lastly, lastly, new and Surprising Duality Discovered in Theoretical Particle Physics…/

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Breaking News Headlines Today : May 7th