Breaking News For May 24th

Breaking News For May 24th

1. Imagen: Google’s new image-generator (even better than DALL-E 2?)

2. Visually-Augmented Language Modeling: Outperforms the text-only baseline with substantial gains of +8.66% and +37.81% accuracy on object color and size reasoning, respectively, by retrieving images relevant to the context.

3. These nine cognitive psychology findings all passed a stringent test of their replicability [published in 2017]…/these-nine-cognitive…/

4. New experimental evidence from Liberia shows cash payments + cognitive behavioral therapy can reduce antisocial behaviors (such as selling drugs or committing robberies) by about half

5. Are You Smarter Than a Random Expert? The Robust Aggregation of Substitutable Signals

6. Would you pay 5 cents for 5 IQ points?…/would-you…

7. Innovation is not linear. Not only does basic science feed into applications, but applied science feeds back into basic science.…/innovation-is-not-linear/

8. “What’s the difference between parasites and predators? I’ll re-ask this question in different forms as we go. I invite you to figure out the answers for yourself.”

9. New Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy article, “Normative Theories of Rational Choice: Rivals to Expected Utility”…/rationality-normative…/

10. What is play? Researchers showed kids pictures, asking, “Does this show play or NOT play? Usually, if there was an adult in the pic, even if the kids were smiling, they said: That’s not play.…/what-is-play-how…

11. Popular education in Sweden: much more than you wanted to know…/popular-education-in-sweden…

Breaking News For May 24th

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