Breaking News For May 13th

Breaking News For May 13th

1. Here’s what reinforcement learning can do in the real world right now…

2. AI risk from first principles, by Open Philanthropy’s Joseph Carlsmith…/video-and…

3. “Light Ripples in SPACE. A bunch of us astro nerds spent 5 months battling the crappy weather to bag a timelapse of Hubble’s Variable Nebula.”

4. “When researchers gave a genetic molecule the ability to replicate, it evolved over time into a complex network of “hosts” and “parasites” that both competed and cooperated to survive.”…/

5. Analogy in Terms of Identity, Equivalence, Similarity, and Their Cryptomorphs…/333733105_Analogy_in…

6. Introduction to Linear Programming in Python

7. Covid is treatable, with Paxlovid. Too few people know that…/covid-is-treatable…

8. Russian army ‘lose entire battalion’ trying to cross Ukraine bridge…/russia-putin-soldiers…

9. Russia pushed back from Kharkiv

10. U.S.-led sanctions are forcing Russia to use computer chips from dishwashers and refrigerators in some military equipment…/russia-sanctions…/

11. Russian soldiers seen shooting dead unarmed civilians

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Fall of Afghanistan : A look at what went wrong during the American occupation and exit.

Breaking News For May 13th

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