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Bonds And Clemens Hall Of Fame Analysis

Cubs Assistant GM Ehsan Bokhari

Bonds And Clemens Hall Of Fame Analysis Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens are undoubtedly two of the greatest human beings to ever play baseball. But will they ever land inside the Hall of Fame?

The media widely reported that Bonds wasn’t happy about the HR race of 1998. So was that the trigger for Bonds to start using so much PED that the entire baseball nation took offense?

It was also pretty clear that Clemens was on the back swing towards the end of his Boston career.

When Clemens landed in Toronto in 1997, did he have a “rebirth.”?

Boston Red Sox General Manager Dan Duquette, a well-respected baseball mind thought Clemens was well past his prime in 1996. Then fast forward to Toronto and Clemens’ record post-33 years old was far better than it was pre-33.

Seems out of touch with nature, seems Brady Anderson-esque.

Clemens had a 4.18 era in 1995 and a 3.63 era in 1996 with 106 walks as well with Boston.

Then miraculously in 1997 and 1998 his era drops to 2.05 & 2.65. What’s even more striking is that Clemens pitched more innings in 1997 than 1996 yet gave up 1/3 fewer walks.

Before 1997 Clemens won fewer than 200 games at his 35th birthday. And yet finishes with over 350 career wins.

But in Clemens’ defense:

9/10/1986 President Reagan posing with Roger Clemens and Don Baylor of the Boston Red Sox baseball team in the Roosevelt room

Not debating on the juicers. The whole perception that Clemens was in decline was perpetrated by Boston. Truth is the Red Sox weren’t very good.  Clemens Win/Loss record attested to that. 

However, he threw 242 innings in ‘96 and led the AL in strikeouts.  Further to that, sitting at 200 wins by 32 years old is right in line with some of the greatest.  (Maddux 202 wins). Randy Johnson only had 117 wins at 32.

Based on Clemens numbers the debate would be where he ranks all-time, not if it’s HOF worthy.

Baseball Steroid Era : Why is Barry Bonds Not in the Hall of Fame?

When Greg Maddux says “Bonds was such a better hitter than all the other players in the game” you can tell the players get it. I wish the players got to vote instead of the writers.

Clemens never failed a test. Except for those needles with PEDs and his DNA on them that his trainer turned over.   Another bonus was Roger throwing his own wife under the bus when he got caught with them.  

Yes! Baseball KNEW that their players, the majority of their players, were using enhancements and for the most part those products were AT BEST discouraged and not illegal. Baseball profited from the use of supplements & steroids, both pitchers and hitters used them. Instead of calling them “cheaters” we should be honest and recognize them for who they are and elect them into the Hall of Fame in a time period we label the “Steroid Era”.

Bonds And Clemens Hall Of Fame Analysis

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