BlueCourses To Sponsor MIT Ai & Quant Conference

BlueCourses To Sponsor MIT Ai & Quant Conference

About BlueCourses:

BlueCourses is an ON-LINE learning platform founded by prof. Bart Baesens and prof. Tim Verdonck.  Its mission statement is twofold. First, BlueCourses would like to disseminate knowledge by offering on-line courses on analytics related topics such as Machine Learning, Credit Risk, Fraud Analytics, Climate Risk, Customer Lifetime Value, Deep Learning, Text Analytics, Web Scraping, Quantum Machine Learning, and Ethics & AI. All courses are delivered by internationally recognized professors in the field.

The courses provide a sound mix of theoretical concepts and methods combined with practical insights and case studies in e.g., Python, R and/or SAS. To optimize the learning experience, the courses are interactively designed with multiple choice questions and discussions. Certificates areprovided upon course completion. Bluecourses’ second goal is to contribute to cleaning up the oceans from plastic. Hence, BlueCourses pledges to invest at least 20% of its EBIT (Earnings Before Interest and Taxes) to companies cleaning up the oceans from plastic (such as Waste Free Oceans and WWF).

Why BlueCourses?

• State-of-the-Art Education in Analytics and its Applications in Business

• Courses taught by professors and experts in the field

• Used by companies world-wide

• 20% of EBIT invested in ocean cleanup

Bio Prof. Bart Baesens

Professor Bart Baesens is a professor of Big Data & Analytics at KU Leuven (Belgium), and a lecturer at the University of Southampton (United Kingdom). He has done extensive research on big data & analytics, credit risk modeling, fraud detection, and marketing analytics. He co-authored more than 250 scientific papers and 10 books some of which have been translated into Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Kazakh, and sold more than 40,000 copies of these books world-wide.  Bart received the OR Society’s Goodeve medal for best JORS paper in 2016 and the EURO 2014 and EURO 2017 award for best EJOR paper. His research is summarized at  

Bart also regularly tutors, advises and provides consulting support to international firms with respect to their analytics and credit risk management strategy. Bart is listed in the top 2% of Stanford University’s new Database of Top Scientists in the World.  He was also named one of the World’s top educators in Data Science by CDO magazine in 2021 and has educated tens of thousands of data scientists across the globe in the fields of credit risk, fraud, marketing, ICT, HR and others. 

Bart also has his own ON-LINE learning BlueCourses platform: which features courses on machine learning, credit risk, fraud, marketing, text analytics, deep learning, web scraping etc.

MIT Ai & Quant 2022 Full Conference Agenda : December 15th

BlueCourses To Sponsor MIT Ai & Quant Conference