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Is China Catching up on the US in the Ai Race?

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Is China Catching up on the US in the Ai Race?

Despite the millions China has spent on developing Ai, the US still has an edge according to Oxford researcher Jeffrey Ding. In fact, Ding believes that the US is “ahead in all metrics except the volume of data to which it has access.” Still, the US has more access to a wider variety of data. After taking multiple variables into account, Ding estimates that Chinese capability is just half the United States when it comes to Ai. In fact, according to a Linkedin research study, the US has 850,000 Ai scientists compared to 50,000 in China. However, China is mounting a comeback. Its own government as well as private companies such as SenseTime, the world’s most valuable Ai startup, are aiming to improve existing technology that utilizes facial and image recognition to track & monitor people in the country. While Ai will revolutionize surveillance in the country, it may also undermine a potential shift towards a more democratic China as the technology is capable of identifying dissenters throughout the authoritarian regime.

Written by Albert Daniel Shub, Edited by Alexander Fleiss

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