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Denmark Taps Into Ai

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Denmark Taps Into AI

With the 4th highest budget in the European Union for Social Spending, Denmark looks to modernize and embrace technology in their society and economy. An April 2017 McKinsey report states that 40% of Danish working hours could be automated by current technologies. So to push this task forward, Denmark is tapping into the artificial intelligence (AI) industry.

Artificial intelligence has a broad scope and therefore is useful to any business within Denmark’s economy. Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital, houses the Danish Centre for Applied Artificial Intelligence (DCAKI), which opened in 2017, at the University of Copenhagen. This center could lead to Denmark becoming one of the leading AI countries in the world.

The institute serves as a place where great minds come together along with funding and research to help companies in Denmark with their AI pursuits. At the DCAKI, one can rent workspaces, access expertise, and network with other AI companies. The center will therefore provide a space for innovation and exploration in the AI industry. This environment will foster great AI growth in Denmark.

Written by Prthvi Srinivasan, Edited by Jack Vasquez, Alexander Fleiss

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