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Blockchain is creating AI talent demand | Here’s how it’s doing

Blockchain is creating AI talent demand | Here’s how it’s doing

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Blockchain is creating AI talent demand | Here’s how it’s doing Today, we are all well aware that we live in a digitalized world, and we too lead a technology-oriented lifestyle. Right! Can you imagine a day with technology? Well, it is next to impossible. 

You may not be attentive but artificial intelligence is of great importance nowadays. What is artificial intelligence or AI? Many of us have heard these words. Right!  But here is a clear perception of artificial intelligence:

Well, artificial intelligence is a clear reflection of human intelligence. Yes, it’s surprising but artificial intelligence-related technologies can behave exactly as a human does. In short, enabling a machine to behave, think, and implement just like a human being. Yes, artificial intelligence-oriented machines can even have the decision-making power as that of any human being. So these AI-based technologies are in high demand in every sector today starting from health to the retail sector. 

There is a high possibility that there will be a high demand for developments of artificial intelligence recruitment shortly. And it is expected to have a significant effect on society as well. Artificial intelligence engineers possess skills that will remain in high demand for many years from now. And more and more technical lovers are now more interested in studying and researching machine learning to explore many more verticals. 

AI engineering is a requirement of industries interested in harnessing the predictive analysis power and streamlining of operations. Blockchain technology is highly dependent on artificial intelligence in particular. And the capabilities of AI engineers are inevitable in the making of those technologies like blockchain.

Let us gain a clear idea about what is blockchain:

In simple terms, blockchain is an online ledger responsible for managing recorded transactions. The way is commendable and remarkable in which this digital record book is distributed. Everyone has a copy of it whoever is connected to the network. It is impossible to get changed retroactively but dissemination is possible through peer-to-peer networks where data addition is possible. More and more development of blockchain technology is required for a better future for all business transactions. 

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Well, there are enormous blessings of blockchain technology in different sectors. Here is a detailed discussion about the same:

You may find it easy to understand particularly those that blockchain technology is capable of doing. Is there any company with complex supply chains? Or are you aware of a company that mostly suffers due to mistrust? Then support of blockchain technology is a huge help for these companies to shape their businesses. It concludes that blockchain technology is capable of eradicating the human error problem from business in almost all sectors. 

You may find the association of cryptocurrencies with blockchain technologies. But remember that blockchain technologies have far more applications than cryptocurrencies. Real estate is a sector that is going to benefit soon from blockchain solutions. These blockchain technologies, i.e. technologies in ledger fashion, are helpful for streamline or continue hassle-free transactions between buyers and sellers. The more and more use of AI-based blockchain technology will result in a decrease in human error. And more application of blockchain technology reduces the need to opt for intermediaries. And these technologies even guarantee higher transparency in every business organization. 

So when you are not required to hire any middlemen, you are saving a lot of money. How? Well, fees and commission are needed to be paid to those intermediaries or middlemen. The Cutting of these middlemen or replacing them with AI-blockchain technologies has made quick and movement of each business operations/process. 

Do not assume that only real estate transactions are only benefited from AI-derived blockchain solutions. Because decentralized cryptocurrencies are also highly benefited from blockchain technologies. Additionally, it has the following potential and significant effects too:

  • Payments of cross-border
  • Tracking process of prescription drugs
  • Wills and inheritance
  • Processing of insurance claims
  • Birth, death, and other certificates. and many others.

Deloitte is a clear example that has understood how much blockchain technology is important for a business. We all know that Deloitte is an international finance and accounting mega-giant and it has highly benefited from AI theory i.e. blockchain technology. 

It proves that blockchain technology has the full potential to become the foundational brick of many business processes. And we all have only experienced a slight of its potentiality. 

Career-related to blockchain technology, or we can say AI-related career boon has been discussed below:

Many renowned organizations are in the race to come first in the blockchain game in the current scenario. So the demand for AI engineers has also been noticed skyrocketing in the recent few years. These engineers are hired so that the businesses come out with beneficial AI solutions. The analysis of has reported an increase of searches for cryptocurrency and blockchain roles by 469%. No wonder that AI engineers are now in a good position in employment terms. Their salary package and name in the market are well recognized due to their AI skills. 

The volatility of cryptocurrency results in a great variation of the exact job search rates from year to year. The need for AI engineers with blockchain knowledge is yet to grow even more shortly. There is no doubt about this viewing the current scenario. And more AI talents are evolving each time for their growing interest in blockchain technology. But high salary packages are also somewhere responsible for growing interest to become AI engineers.

If you compare a programmer with an AI engineer on a salary basis, AI-skilled people will win.  AI-skilled blockchain developer even has a wide and clear concept than a programmer. Further, the salary of a blockchain engineer is more than the developers of any other AI-related technology. It can be better explained with an example of Silicon Valley. Here the salary of a blockchain engineer is not less than 175000 dollars if compared with other salaries of AI engineers.

Do new skills mean less experience?

Before diving into the jobs of blockchain developers, several new blockchain solutions have also evolved in recent times. Well, a blockchain developer covers the following corners:

  • Software engineer and developer
  • Full-stack developer

And the skills that a developer with knowledge of blockchain skills must have the following skills:

  • JavaScript
  • P2P networks
  • Cryptography, and many more.

The demand for AI-skilled blockchain developers has increased a great fold today compared to a decade ago. Experience is certainly not a factor of consideration for an interviewer of AI engineers. Why?

Some AI engineers have 20 to 30 years of huge experience but still lack good managerial qualities. What matters is the professionalism with high demanded AI skills. So if you have sought AI practical knowledge, it is enough to get chosen for the blockchain developer position.

Moreover, many companies have already started giving more importance to skills than experience. They have started their search for the right talent from the schools and coding Boot camp programs. 

This culture of hiring has forced the hirers and recruiters of AI developers to rethink their strategy. The strategy of hiring blockchain developers based on ‘more experience is the ultimate’ is not followed today.

Yann LeCun

A new outlook for recruiting AI-based blockchain developers:

Let us focus on history once for a better understanding of the past. Earlier, an attractive salary package and a fixed job were enough to attract talented personnel. This is nowhere any exception for the engineering world. Life is always moving, several other things are also non-stagnant. What does it mean if it is said that a rise in the blockchain is noticeable? Well, it means there are endless options in the hands of machine learning engineers. But yes, there must be enough enthusiasm for the same. No doubt that stability in job and salary are key factors. But these two factors are not only variable based on which a professional AI developer gets attracted for a job. 

Today, challenging and interesting projects also force an engineer to join a particular organization. How much the project can impact a specific company? Does it affect the society or environment? If yes, to what extent? These are the primary questions that arise in the mind of any professional AI engineer. This proves that today millions of workers look for meaningful work. This applies to the technology sector workers as well. This is the reason for which many companies prefer to pay attention to corporate culture and corporate social responsibility. When the question of hiring comes, employers do focus on the betterment of employee roles and their working environment along with the salary part. 

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The whole article has proven that there is a significant rise in the need for AI theory-based blockchain technology for business enterprises. We have also tried to emphasize the jobs of blockchain developers. And in the future, the demand for blockchain technologies will show a hike. So AI employees are finding it a great opportunity to explore challenging and innovative AI-related work. Not only AI developers but developers of other technologies are gaining interest in Blockchain technologies(AI theory). 

It is not certain whether the gap between open positions and the available talent can be bridged or not. But there will be work cut out for the hiring managers or recruiters for the foreseeable short term. 

Blockchain is creating AI talent demand | Here’s how it’s doing Written by Erna Clayton

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Blockchain is creating AI talent demand | Here’s how it’s doing