Bismarck Under Construction In Pictures

Bismarck Under Construction In Pictures

Laying down her keel in July of 1936
October of 1937

Was Bismarck Sunk Or Scuttled?

Bismarck firing on Hood
getting there!

HMS Warspite V Bismarck : Who Wins?

Almost ready!
September 1938 
Launch day! 4 February 1939
Launch day continued!
Bismarck’s forward main 380mm gun turrets are being installed.

“The study of past sea battles, tactical employments, and ship design are relevant today as we consider a return to the great power competition similar to the 1930s. Our current investments and force design will determine victors and losers in any future sea battle. What we can learn from past errors in force design is important so as not to re-learn them in a new conflict” – USN Captain Jeff Kline, Professor of Practice, Naval War College

Why did Germany’s epic battleship Bismarck fail so quickly? Moreover, was it inevitable that such a creation would be an immediate lightning rod for all of the Allied forces?

Furthermore, despite being the largest battleship that the Germans had ever built, the Bismarck’s failure was expected by many, the ship itself was built to manifest German greatness in the eyes of the Führer and to act as a motivational tool for the German public.

The British Royal Navy boasted the world’s greatest navy entering World War 2 and despite losing over 50,000 sailors to the Germans, had a considerable upper hand on the German navy throughout World War II. In conclusion, Bismarck was an attempt by Germany to try and match the greatness of the Royal Navy.