Best WW2 Blog

Best WW2 Blog

Best WW2 Blog Why does Rebellion Research have the best coverage of WW2 on the planet?

USS Wisconsin (BB-64) WisKy A History of the Iowa Class Last American Battleship with Keith J. Nitka

Perhaps its the interviews with the 4 curators of the 4 Iowa Class Battleships?

Or the comprehensive pieces on both the Pacific and Atlantic wars?

Maybe its the conversation with General David Petraeus on Dunkirk to Winston Churchill?

We do try our best to cover every engagement and we are still working on covering even more, we will not rest until every square inch of the 2nd world war is covered by Rebellon Research.

Our interview with General George C Patton’s son was in search of the truth on the great movie about the general. There is nothing we don’t want to investigate or that doesn’t spark our curiousity. Search for anything could imagine in the war and keep learning!

You won’t find ads as we write for the pleasure of learning and we hope that you enjoy reading as much as we enjoy writing! We also cover Rome and WW1 and practically every piece of history we can find, so if there is ever a subject thats sparks your curiousity please reach out to Rebellion Research with a suggestion or a criticism! Don’t be shy!

We will also cover modern history as well and international military development is a favorite topic for us. From China to India we love to learn about every military and branch thereof. If your interest lies within the Argentinian Coast Guard, then by all means, send us an inquiry and we will staff Rebellion researchers on any subject.

General David Petraeus on Leadership & WW2 | Director of the CIA

Failures Of Operation Typhoon : Operation Barbarossa