Best Strategies for Cryptocurrency Arbitrage in 2022

Best Strategies for Cryptocurrency Arbitrage in 2022

Description – In the article below, we will take a glance at what cryptocurrency arbitrage is and how inefficiencies in the market can bring you profits. Check it out!

What Is Crypto Arbitrage?

In a crypto arbitrage, one tries to capitalize on the price differences of a token on different exchanges. In this day and age, there are already more than 300 centralized and decentralized where traders can buy and sell crypto. Crypto is so widely spread that you can even use it for online gambling in places such as casino topplista.

The majority of exchanges use their own pricing systems, which gives birth to the opportunity of benefitting from any price difference.

One of the best cryptocurrency strategies for arbitrage is to acquire a lower-priced token on exchange A and immediately sell it to an exchange B that has the same token at a higher price. Several other strategies can bring in the same results, for example, by using decentralized exchanges that, most of the time, provide even bigger differences in cryptocurrency prices compared to large central exchanges.

Let’s go through the most popular crypto arbitrage categories:

Manual Arbitrage

A participant is tracking the price of a token on different exchanges at the same time. When there is a positive difference between two exchanges (let’s call them A and B), it is time to place a quick trade. 

Cross-currency (triangular) Arbitrage

Here, several cryptocurrency pairs are bought to ultimately buy more of the same back with the same amount of money. Like Buying ETH and converting it to BCH, and then getting the newly acquired BCH and buying larger amounts of BTC.

Automated Arbitrage

By making use of machine learning and several other algorithms, those that are skilled in programming can develop fully-automated and complicated systems that are capable of spotting opportunities for cryptocurrency stocks arbitrage. Additionally, the systems are potentially able to also execute the trades without any sort of human input. This way, a single person would be able to arrange tens, or maybe hundreds, of exchanged in an extremely short time (shorter than would be possible just by human input).

How Does Arbitrage Trading Work?

The first thing you want to consider when arbitrage trading is choosing your strategy. When planning to do the arbitrage manually, you will be looking at hours and hours of screen time, just like mining cryptocurrency. You need to register with several exchanges: centralized and decentralized. Make sure you have all your wallets connected to all of them, as you will need to be fast and act at the right moment when the asymmetry occurs. All you have to do now that you have completed the first step is to learn how to spot the opportunities.

The same thing that makes illiquid tokens an attractive asset could also be an obstacle to implementing a strategy. The reason for this is that due to lack of depth of market, your moves might not be an available counter-part action.

Hence, the best option at the moment would be to use liquid tokens and pairs. The highest level of liquidity among the current cryptocurrency list of tokens are BTC, ET, XRP, ETH, and LTC.

In the meantime, if you want to come up with an algorithm that will detect all these opportunities, you will likely need to take a dive into the programming world and assimilate some Python, as it seems to be the best programming language for this task.

The algorithm constantly analyzes the ups and downs of certain cryptocurrency prices and significant asymmetries that present the arbitrageur with an opportunity.

In this case, you will either have an alarm informing the trader of an opportunity, or it can be set to eve arrange the trade by default, without the need for human input or confirmation. A crucial aspect that also needs to be considered is that execution speed, depth of market, and trading fees are critical to earning a profit from arbitrage, especially with all these new cryptocurrency coins that are surfacing more often than before.

Examples of Cryptocurrency Arbitrage

How do you spot an opportunity? Either you’ll be stuck to the monitor for hours, or maybe you will take a deep dive into API programming and stay on top of the game. You will also need to write an algorithm that will buy and sell the tokens as soon as price deviations are detected.

For example:

We have the hypothetical situation where X amount of BTC, the top cryptocurrency, will initially be converted into Y amount of LTC. The Y amount of LTC is then exchanged for Z amount, which you then use to buy more BTC than you have initially spent when buying LTC.

Crucial Things to Consider Before Trying It

Avoid Arranging BTC transfers

It is a known fact that sometimes there can be quite a traffic on the blockchain, and transactions can take a long time. Since the entire idea of the arbitrage concept is to be fast, the slow transaction time might hit your profits pretty hard, maybe even neutralizing them, and you certainly don’t want that after working so hard for it.

Limit Your Losses

Since you will be working in a highly volatile environment such as the cryptocurrency market, you will want to make sure that your trades are done quickly. If you can’t do that, you’re better off not trading at all. 

Any successful businessman will tell you that to generate money, the risks that you take will outweigh the profits more often than not. It’s always a good idea to keep your money rather than risking and gambling them on some opportunity.

Hedging Is Smart

Be smart a create a safety net before jumping head-first into an opportunity. Apply hedging strategies and protect yourself from potential losses. You also have to be aware that this will reduce your profits like an insurance for a new car.

Conclusion : Best Strategies for Cryptocurrency Arbitrage in 2022

The world of cryptocurrency is still evolving, as we are only experiencing its first stages now. It is the perfect time to take advantage of the irregularities and asymmetries that appear in it every single day. The window is rapidly closing as more and more traders are getting interested in cryptocurrency arbitrage, making the market more and more stable. What do you think would be the best approach to cryptocurrency arbitrage? What is your favorite type of strategy? Please share your thoughts on it in the comments section.

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Best Strategies for Cryptocurrency Arbitrage in 2022