Best Sniper Rifle

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Best Sniper Rifle We all have that dream. The one where we walk miles in the snowy mountains or heat of a desert. Or maybe its a thick New England forest.

We have our perfect rifle on our back. Not too heavy of course, since most of us are not retired Navy SEALS. We want a sniper rifle we can carry with ease.

Well getting back to that dream. We are doing our hike deep in the forest or high up on a mountain and out of the corner of our predator’s eye we catch movement.

With our head constanlty on a swivel we are always looking for movement. We are our greatest allies in the hunt.

Moreover our senses have been developed over thousands of years of human hunting.

Well we see that movement. We get down behind a rock or a tree. Remove our sniper rifle from its sling and aim at this distant movement.

Is it a deer, moose, bear?

Moreover, it is what we have been hunting for all our lives. But, we need a sniper rifle we can trust. Furthermore, one we can believe in. So what do we choose?

Some will choose the 350 or 450 Bushmaster.

Others will promise you its a Tikka.

Winchester magnums seem to be everyone’s favorite bullet. And a reliable one.

But what is the best? Is there really a number one sniper rifle? Probably not. But, we will offer a winner.

In conclusion, we would say our winner for most awesome sniper rifle is. The Barrett M82 – US. The Barrett M82, known by its US Army designation M107

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