Benefits of Using a Laser Bore Sight

Benefits of Using a Laser Bore Sight


A laser bore sight is the mechanism that is used to align a firearm barrel and sight before shooting. It basically illuminates the aim point with a laser beam at a certain distance. Laser bore sight is also a method of bore sighting which allows more movement in the gun even without removing the bolt, making the gun optical zeroing way faster. 

Types of Laser Bore Sight

Laser bore sighting is a simple process. Beginner shooters as well as experienced ones have to learn it. There are two main types of laser bore sights: Chamber in laser bore sight which is shaped like a cartridge and universal laser bore sight which is attached to the muzzle of the barrel. The attachment can be through inserting it into the bore using different arbors or through a magnet.

Ultimately, laser bore sights more often than not end up becoming popular for sighting in shotguns, rifles and pistols. When you insert the cartridge laser bore sight into the chamber, there should be a laser beam projected through the barrel onto the target. The rifle scope can be adjusted all the way until the crosshairs are on the projected laser dot. 

Benefits of Laser Bore Sight

  1. It is cost efficient and Saves you time

Whether or not you are a brand-new shooter, laser bore sighting will save money and time since it will enable you to set your gun on the target even before you fire a single shot. Many Laser bore sights are cost effective so you can afford them. It is compatible with a variety of guns which makes your shooting experience that much easier.

The method is way more precise than plain eyesight. Bore sighting visually will get you on paper 100 yards while using a laser bore sight will enable you to shoot much closer to the target. In the long run, you will use minimal ammunition while zeroing the rifle. In fact, without even firing you can close in on a fantastic zero even at home.   

  1. Enables the shooter to Focus
While using a laser bore sight, you do not have to look down the barrel in order to bore your gun.

However, always ensure that the gun is unloaded. The rifle is moved after the laser devices are inserted inside the muzzle so that the laser is directly pointed towards the center of the target. You can keep on moving the scope’s reticles such that they are centered on the laser dot.

  1. It enhances Versatility

Laser bore sights are quite versatile tools. For instance, the Feyachi 9mm option contains a couple of benefits to it. They are great for sighting different types of firearms since they can be easily attached to the muzzle. Compact handguns on the other hand, often do not contain barrels long enough to be compatible with them. That is not an issue for this laser bore sight since it gets chambered sort of like a live round.

  1. Helps in practicing Marksmanship Fundamentals

Since the visible layer of most visual bore sights is able to only display a constant visual reference, laser bore sights can be used to practice proper marksmanship fundamentals while dry-firing. Ensure that while dry-firing your weapon is cleared first.

  1. Useful in Re-checking Zero

When using an in-chamber laser bore sight, you are able to get close enough to the bull’s eye and zero-in on it. Laser bore sights are capable of documenting the direction which they are shot from as well as indicate the position of the point of impact.

In conclusion

Many consumers of the laser bore sights share their experiences with the world on various platforms. Majority of the feedback is positive. So, have confidence in the product and fire away!

Benefits of Using a Laser Bore Sight