Benefits Of Financial Advisor

Benefits Of Financial Advisor

Benefits Of Financial Advisor : Why should you choose a financial advisor for your money? First there is no minimum, so anyone can consider our online financial advisor platform.

Second, with all of the new US Dollars being printed, holding cash is holding a DEPRECIATING asset. You are losing money on that cash.

Our Ai Investing platform creates a smart diversified index and we charge low fees. So you are happy with the product from both ends.

Winklevii Twins, Cameron Winklevoss & Tyler Winklevoss Talk with Rebellion Research’s CEO on Bitcoin’s Future & Gemini Exchange – YouTube

Who we are?

Rebellion Research is a think tank that primarily focuses on machine learning while exploring initiatives in military, space, economics and technology. 

Our work started nearly 20 years ago when we built a machine learning economic forecaster that went on to correctly predict the financial crisis, the Greek debt crisis, and many more global economic events. 

Currently, our work includes research on drones for the Air Force, object detection, the 5G technology, space exploration and so much more. 

Our researchers include professors, members of the military and government, industry experts and fellow scientific researchers.

We have partnered with over half a dozen academic institutions and have had multiple projects published in leading academic journals.

We are currently working with several branches of the US government on research pertaining to the use of Ai in aviation & space.

We are still building new machine learning systems to predict the economy, but now with almost 150 researchers our work is open to almost any technology initiative. 

Reinforcement Learning & Deep Learning for finance will always be our top priority, but there is no challenge we won’t accept. 

We have a very active academic internship program for high school through PhD students.

If you are interested in learning more, email us at: 

AI Investing with New York’s Leading AI Firm – Rebellion Research