Benefits Of A Financial Advisor

Benefits Of A Financial Advisor

Benefits Of A Financial Advisor : Can I afford a financial advisor with my salary and lack of savings? That is a common question we hear!

Or why should I used a financial advisor when I can pick my own stocks?

These are both great questions!

First Rebellion Research is available to anyone in 70+ countries around the world for a starting investment of just $1,000.00 USD while our accounts will also be as large as $10,000,000.00, all clients are treated the same through our Ai Investing platform.

Now to the second question, well first off nearly 90% of individual investors lose to the S&P 500 over time.

So check your returns over multiple years and see if it has even kept up with the S&P500/SPY return? If it has, then kudos to you for being super human! For the rest of us, we need machines to improve our lives which include our finances.

Rebellion Research’s Ai Investing platform has outperformed the markets for nearly 15 years at fee rates that are as competitive as any one can find!

It will cost us $0 to have a machine allocate your wealth. So why not let you in on the fantastic efficiency.

We seek to have clients THRILLED with both aspects of their investment with Rebellion Research. First and foremost good returns that make the client happy, but secondarily fee rates that make the client feel as if they are getting more than their fair share of the pie. And fairness is important in this world!

You will have 24/7 access to your account and can fire us at 3am if its your decision, or you can let our Ai Investing platform make you richer for years to come at fees that will make you smile.

Benefits Of A Financial Advisor

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