Battleship Bismarck Wreck Photos

A Pictorial Gallery of Battleship Bismarck’s Wreck

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Battleship Bismarck Wreck Photos. When the legendary German battleship Bismarck sunk on the early morning hours of May 27, 1941, what many felt was the most impressive battleship ever created had been lost. She was the dream of Adolf Hitler and The Third Reich’s propaganda centerpiece. A ship that manifest German greatness!

Chronik: Der Untergang der Bismarck
Image 1 – Photograph of main mast. (
Image 2 – Photograph of Admiral’s bridge. (

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A gun turret from Bismarck’s secondary battery, discovered by Ballard’s expedition. WIkimedia
Painting by Ken Marschall depicting the unmanned probe Argo exploring the wreck , credited to Ken Marshall.

.Bismarck Battleship Wreck : A Fallen Legend

Battleship Bismarck Wreck Photos

In conclusion we would like to thank Robert Ballard for his awesome and courageous work in locating the German ship. In addition, we would like to thank the National Geographic for its awesome documentary on an expedition to locate the battleship.

Lastly, we don’t mean to offend all of those Yamato and Iowa fans out there who feel that Bismarck is not the greatest battleship of all time. But, we are not saying she is the best, just that she is the most famous battleship, which it is hard to argue with considering her vast worldwide fanbase. In addition, Bismarck has come to stand for an attempt at greatness, both in the military sphere and outside of it, in the world itself. Regrettable that the catalyst for her build was a sick madman who wanted to murder much of the world, but history is history.