Banks On Fire

Banks On Fire


Banks set on fire.

The money’s gone, now they’re burning it all down.

6 banks have been set on fire and enraged mobs are targeting the home of Salim Sfeir, chairman of the Association of Banks.

It started with a so-called liquidity crisis in 2019 – a euphemism for the onset of currency failure.

Nothing to worry about, the authorities assured their people, while they closed the escape hatches and sealed off the emergency exits to a system that was crashing and burning.

Over the following years, the restrictions only continued to mount, culminating with Lebanese banks closing their doors out of “safety concerns” in October of 2022.

Unable to access their own money, depositors have since looked on in horror as their local currency went up in smoke.

Watching your life savings slip away, with every stroke of a bureaucrat’s pen, must be a special kind of horror. Why Is Lebanon Having A Financial Crisis?

The Lebanese pound has since lost 97% of its value in dollar terms and 80% of Lebanon’s population now lives below the poverty line.

Unfortunately, this isn’t unique to Lebanon.

Location Nigeria AU Africa.svg
Map of Nigeria

4,000 miles south of Beirut, the same story is playing out in Nigeria, where protestors have just set 3 commercial banks on fire as withdrawal restrictions are being enacted.

Yes, this is the tragic fate of political fiat money.

Once government maleficence has rotted the currency beyond repair and enough economic deadwood has piled up, raging wildfires will typically cleanse and reset the system.

In Lebanon and Nigeria, these fires aren’t figurative. They’re real.

But don’t worry, those fires can’t reach you because Western political leadership can be trusted with money.

Never mind that interest payments on $31 trillion of US debt are projected to outstrip the entire national defense budget by 2025.

Stop asking questions, just go back to sleep.

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Banks On Fire