Australian Crops Poised To Lose Billions

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Australian Crops Poised To Lose Billions Recent favorable seasonal conditions prompted the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences’ (ABARES) to predict that total agricultural production would surpass the $70bn mark for the first time in 2021. However, those same experts now say Australian crops could lose billions in value due to weather.

It’s been extraordinary weather all around the country, all the cropping areas have received very untimely rain.” According to Richard Heath, executive director of the Australian Farm Institute.

Heath went on to say: “The fact that it was a cool temperate spring had added to the crop yields being so good, but the flipside is now we’ve gotten into the harvest period and the La Niña is really expressing itself and we’ve gotten all this rain,”

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Extreme, unpredictable weather is the greatest external financial risk to farmers and agribusinesses. Data and technology driven parametric coverage enables growers to protect their harvests. Moreover, from the elements and have peace of mind each season. A piece of mind that they have coverage regardless of what happens with the weather. 

Hundreds of billions dollars in damages are attributed to more frequent and intense natural catastrophes globally each year. Weather coverage is an essential piece of the financial infrastructure in the 21st century. Furthermore, not just for farmers, but for every business with financial exposure to the weather. Knowing how disruptive climate risks can be for businesses if not properly managed in advance.

“In Australia we produce high protein wheat which is good for producing human food such as bread and pasta. But what happens when you have a wet weather event over harvest [is] it tends to degrade the protein … changing wheat from being good quality grain to being feed quality grain.” According to Andrew Whitelaw, an analyst at Thomas Elder Markets

In conclusion, Elder stated, “Growers call it storm lotto,”
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Australian Crops Poised To Lose Billions

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